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neohompy is a free online bookmark administration site for everyone.

Your bookmarks in the browser are valuable assets to be kept safely and be accessible from anywhere and from any device (yes, including mobile) anytime.
You may want to share good favorite sites with others.

Once you upload your local bookmark file, we process it to build a full smart portal page (called hompy) for you quick and free.
You can visit any site by just one click from your portal page (or hompy). No more memorising, no more typing, no more hassling with a long list in browser. You can use convenient tool called bookmarklet to collect your bookmarks. You can arrange it freely in your hompy in WYSIWYG way.

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Mailing Address

Sydney, NSW, Australia,
Email: neohompy[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com
Sydney CBD
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Bellow are some of featured hompy. Feel free to visit...

This is guest hompy. Welcome everyone.

Guest hompy -

This is a sample hompy. This hompy shows how to use your hompy in various ways.

Sample -

The hompy can be used for a personal startpage by collecting one's favorite sites and at the same time for blogging purpose with a board item.

User hompy - User hompy

Same page of guest hompy can be seen in mobile. Bookmarks are automatically modified suitable for mobile.

Guest mobile -
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